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Emerging Technology Forum
"Digital Health"

Thursday, April 12, 8:00-10:00
Meridian Ballrooms, Graduate Minneapolis

Moderators: Kathleen Motzenbecker, Medical Alley Association
Will Durfee, University of Minnesota

Digital health is currently the fastest growing area of medical technology. Keynote speakers will discuss the present and future status of technology, regulation, cyber-security, investment and other topics related to digital health.

Dr. Rumi Faizer"Digital Health: The FDA Perspective"

Bakul Patel,
Associate Center Director for Digital Health, US Food & Drug Administration




Dr. Rochus Voeller"Digital Health Cybersecurity"

Ken Hoyme
Director, Product & Eng. Systems Security, Boston Scientific Corporation





Dr. Rochus Voeller"The Future of Digital Health"

Peter Fitzgerald
Professor of Medicine and Engineering, Director of the Center for Cardiovascular Innovation, Stanford University




Additional Forum Keynotes:

Thursday Lunch: Jayant Parthasarathy, UnitedHealth Group
Emerging Technology Forum "Digital Health"
(10:15-11:45 Session)

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