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Applications of Virtual Reality in Medical Device Development

Wednesday, April 11, 4:00-5:30
Meridian Ballroom 2/3, Graduate Minneapolis

Organizers: Derek Mathers, Director, Advanced Development, Worrell
Brandon Bogdalek, Medical Device and Drug Delivery Professional, Worrell

"How Osso VR is using VR in Healthcare to Improve Outcomes"
Justin Barad, Co-founder and CEO, Osso VR

"How SentiAR uses Augmented Reality to Improve Surgical Outcomes"
Jennifer Avari Silva, SentiAR

"How AR is Impacting Advanced Medical Manufacturing"
Ralph Taylor-Smith, GE Ventures

"Extending the Reach of Medical Imaging with VR/AR"
Sergio Aguirre, EchoPixel

Session Organizer Bios:

Derek Mathers, Director, Advanced Applications Development, Worrell
Derek Mathers is a Director of Advanced Applications Development at Worrell, focused on applying new technology platforms to improve outcomes and reduce inefficiencies in medicine. Worrell is a design and strategic consulting firm that creates technologies for the improvement of the human condition. Derek has presented 3D printing trends and case studies to a host of leading trade shows and publications including CES, PFS, Interface Health, Inside3D, MEDevice, Design News, AMUG, MD&M, Young President's Organization, Medical Alley, Plastics Today, Qmed, MDDI, and more.

Speaker Bios:

LotanJustin Barad, Co-founder and CEO, Osso VR
Justin Barad, MD is the co-founder and CEO of Osso VR, a clinically validated and award-winning surgical training platform with a mission to democratize access to modern surgical techniques and improve patient safety. Dr. Barad is also an orthopaedic surgeon with a Bioengineering degree from UC Berkeley, and an MD from UCLA. He completed his residency at UCLA, and his fellowship was in pediatric orthopaedics at Harvard and Boston Children’s Hospital.



LotanJennifer Avari Silva, SentiAR
Jennifer Avari Silva is responsible for the clinical application of the SentiAR technology for patient use. She is an Asst. Professor of Pediatrics at Washington University in St. Louis and Director of Pediatric Cardiac Electrophysiology at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, where she leads the largest pediatric electrophysiology program in the Midwest. Dr. Avari Silva has published numerous papers bringing new technologies to pediatric patients, allowing her to develop an extensive industrial network with companies that include, St. Jude Medical, Medtronic, Biotronik, and Biosense Webster.

Her academic credentials include a BA from Union College, an MD from St. George’s University School of Medicine, residencies in Pediatrics at Miami Children’s Hospital, Pediatric Cardiology at Washington University School of Medicine, and in Pediatric Electrophysiology at Children’s Hospital Boston, Harvard University.


LotanRalph Taylor-Smith, GE Ventures
Ralph is Managing Director at GE Ventures, the venture capital investment unit of General Electric, where he leads financial investments in innovative Sensors, Robotics & Data-Com technologies for applications in factory automation, advanced manufacturing services and digital health, in collaboration with GE’s Business Units. Before GE, Ralph had been a venture capitalist for ten years, as a Managing Director, Fund General Partner and member of the Investment Committee at the $260M Battelle Ventures fund. Prior to venture capital, Ralph gained significant experience in investment banking, technology R&D and business development. Previously, he worked for several years as an Investment Banker on Wall Street at Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan focusing on Mergers/Acquisitions for the TMT (technology, media and telecom/data-com) industry; prior to that, he worked as a Senior Research Scientist, Engineer, and Business Development Manager in hardware, software and nanotech-enabled IT devices within the photonics and semiconductor microelectronics industry at Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies and AT&T.


LotanSergio Aguirre, EchoPixel
Founder and CEO of EchoPixel, a startup company pioneering medical imaging VR/AR solutions that are defining a new visualization paradigm True 3D, which allows doctors to visually work with a part of the body in open 3D space as if it were a physical object.

True 3D enables doctors to immediately identify the tissue they seek to evaluate in 3D, determine its location and surrounding anatomy, detect more clinically significant structures, and interactively dissect a tumor or malformation for detailed evaluation. Prior to EchoPixel, he founded Innouva Technologies in Mexico an early leader in stereoscopic 3D visualization applications for technology marketing, training, oil exploration and geography information systems (GIS).

Mr. Aguirre has consistently attracted a world class team to his companies and has been awarded numerous recognitions in entrepreneurship and technology development from Intel and Mexico’s Science Council.

He holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from ITESM in Monterrey Mexico.

Presentation Abstracts:

"How Osso VR is using VR in Healthcare to Improve Outcomes"
Our system of surgical training has not changed in over a century. Currently, there are critical issues in the way surgeons are trained, both in residency and beyond. Surgeons have less time to learn more complex techniques and devices. Research shows that 30 percent of surgical graduates are unable to operate independently. Furthermore, with the aging population, we are expected to have a shortage of surgeons within the next few decades numbering in the tens of thousands. This leaves medicine with a challenging skills gap.

Surgeons out in practice are now learning how to use complex new technologies and procedures on the job and putting patients at risk. Osso VR uses virtual reality to provide the platform, content and tools to bridge the surgical training gap. The mission is to improve patient outcomes, increase the adoption of higher-value medical technologies and democratize access to surgical education around the world. Today, Osso VR is working with many of the top orthopedic hospitals and device companies in the world.

"Extending the Reach of Medical Imaging with VR/AR"
When a physician examines CT or MRI images, they’re piecing together multiple 2D perspectives and sometimes 3D renderings that are displayed on a 2D screen; to imagine a patient’s 3D anatomy. That mental leap means they’re forced to make assumptions about what the patient’s anatomy truly looks like—which slows down workflow and leads to overlooking critical clinical information.

EchoPixel enables physicians to visualize and interact with medical images of patient specific organs and tissue as if they were real, physical objects; Helping physicians in complex surgical planning.

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