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Student Design Showcase

Flipgrid Event
May 12 - 18, 2020

The purpose of this showcase was to promote and publicize excellence in medical device design by teams of undergraduate and graduate students conducted as part of their course work.

The re-envisioned Student Design Showcase is now a web-based event where design teams can show off the medical technology projects they have been working on and be judged by professionals in the medical device industry or academia. The public is welcome to join the Student Design Showcase May 12 - 18, 2020.

The Online Showcase will be implemented as a Flipgrid Event. You are able to watch short videos that highlight their project and viewers can leave short video responses and questions.


Competition Presenters:

To watch the video entries, click on the underlined titles below or click here to view the full YouTube playlist.

Grand Prize: "At Your Cervix: A Universal Obturator for Brachytherapy of Cervical Cancer"
Elisa Arango, Susannah Dittmar, Krithika Kumar, Lauren Payne and Sanika Rane, Rice University

2nd Place: "Prototype for Non-Invasive Diagnosis of Compartment Syndrome of the Lower Leg"
Mitchell Gross, Eesha Irfanullah, Furva Rizvi, Devin Smith and Gunnar Wallinga, University of Minnesota

3rd Place: "Closing the Gap: Burn Treatment for Low-Middle Income Countries"
Yassine Filali, Jonathan Gonzalez, Alexis Hansen, Ethan Osuch and Jordon Turner, University of Iowa


"Dynamic Roadmap for Interventional Vascular Applications"
Rosa Araiza, Chirag Gyani, Yuhan Liu and Craig Warlen, Duke University

"Palate Pal"
Ally Carey, Taylor Deutsch, Hannah Drkulec, Jennifer Mount and Jason Zych, University of Iowa

"Assisting the Transition to Complete Dentures"
Zekiel Branstad, Benjamin Cassaidy, Katherine Karjalahti, Kimberly Schroeder and Rohit Nair, University of Iowa

"Rescue Innovations- Visual CPR Simulator"
Katelyn Hillson, Craig Jibben and Brooklyn VanDerWolde, South Dakota State University

"Alignment Device for Capturing Geometry of Lower Limb"
Casey Blaylock, Molly Corlett, Nicole Koenigsman, Nick Slavik and Jocelyn Zenner, University of Iowa

"An integrated system for remote monitoring and real-time communication of the treatment in adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis"
Pierre Guillermo Padilla Huamantinco, Victor Manuel Ticllacuri Esteban, Jose Alfredo Zapana Garcia, Cesar Sebastian Carrillo Ramirez, Yhanira Selene Medina Amaro and Alexsandra Juneth Cordero Donaire, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia

"TiMMulex Central Venous Cannulation Training Phantom"
Si Yen Ng, Kuan Chung Wang, I Ching Tsai, Peng Ting Chen and Chi Lun Lin, National Cheng Kung University

"A Catheterizable Urinary Channel for Pediatric Neurogenic Bladder Patientswith"
Akshaya Santhanaraj, Andres Martinez Murillo, James Suffoletta and Maria Salazar, Rice University


(Due to COVID-19, we will not be able to offer the monetary prize to the 2020 Showcase winners)


Panel of Judges

Daniel Mooradian, University of Minnesota
Sanjay Dhawan, University of Minnesota
David Nedrelow, University of Minnesota
Marc Horner, ANSYS, Inc.
Dawn Bardot, Abiomed
Carl Nelson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Steven Saliterman, University of Minnesota
Joan Bechtold, University of Minnesota
Paul Rothweiler, University of Minnesota
Leza Besemann, University of Minnesota
John Stavig, University of Minnesota
Yaling Liu, Lehigh University
Matthew Cooper, 3M
Dianne Goodwin, Bluesky Designs
Mike Finch, Children's Hospitals & Clinics
Vaughn Schmid, University of Minnesota

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