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Three-in-Five Competition

Recorded May 19, 2020, 9:00-11:00am CDT
No Registration Required
There is no registration required for the 2020 Virtual Ev

Organizers: Randy Schiestl, VP, R&D, Global Technology, Boston Scientific Corporation
Paul Rothweiler, Prototyping & Materials, Earl E. Bakken Medical Devices Center 

This competition is a way for researchers to get immediate feedback about their projects from leaders in medical technology research, engineering & development 

Authors of the top nine contributed papers that describe medical devices with commercial potential give a five minute presentation composed of no more than three slides. After presenters complete their pitches they answer questions from a panel of leading medical technology innovators. The Judge's Panel will base their decision upon four factors:

1) Quality of clinical need statement (problem)
2) Technical soundness of research (solution)
3) Presentation Quality
4) Fundability

Full List of Presentations

Underlined poster titles below are links to online videos. The entire playlist can be found on our DMD YouTube Playlist.


Grand Prize: "Selectively Compliant Annuloplasty Ring to Enable Annular Dynamics in Mitral Valve Repair Evaluated by In-Vitro Stereovision"
Samuel Frishman, Ali Kight and Ileana Pirozzi, Stanford University

2nd Place: "An Untethered Electro-Pneumatic Exosuit for Gait Assistance of People With Foot Drop"
Hao Su, The City College of New York

3rd Place: "A Novel Tool for Improved Control and Maneuverability in Pediatric Cardiac Catheter Ablation Procedures"
Paige Mass, Children's National Hospital

"Improving Footwear Options for Persons With Lower Limb Amputations"
Eric Nickel, Minneapolis VA Health Care System

"A Smartphone Enabled Phototherapy Irradiance Meter for the Care of the Jaundiced Neonates in Low-Resource Regions"
Patrick Powell, Arbor Grace, Inc.

"Novel Method and Device for Delivery and Retention of Intrauterine Devices in the Immediate Postpartum Period: Pilot Baboon Feasibility Study"
Etse Campbell, University of Texas

"Design and Fabrication of Patient-Specific Pediatric Laryngoscopes at the Point-of-Care"
Madelene Habib, University of Central Florida

"Respiratory Arrest Monitoring; a Non-Invasive Approach for Early Detection of Breathing Complexities in Psychiatric Patients"
Moein Enayati, Mayo Clinic (Co-author Marjorie Skubic will be on Zoom for the Q&A)

"A New System to Objectively Measure Ankle Proprioception"
Arash Mahnan, PhD Student, Human Sensorimotor Control Laboratory, University of Minnesota

"Design of a Portable Venomanometer System for Episcleral Venous Pressure Measurement"
Carl Nelson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

(Due to COVID-19, we will not be able to offer the monetary prize to the 2020 Three-in-Five winners)

Panel Judges:

Dawn Bardot, Abiomed
Ingrid Bowman, BD
Jayant Parthasarathy, UHG
Joe Alkhatib, Abbott
John Deedrick, CHIP Solutions
Stephanie Board, Boston Scientific
Mark Wehde, Mayo
Mike Hess, Medtronic
Randy Schiestl, Boston Scientific
Paul Rothweiler, Earl E. Bakken Medical Devices Center


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