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DMD Conference Research Fellowship

One of the goals of the Design of Medical Devices Conference is to support the University of Minnesota DMD Research Fellowship and to enhance collaboration between academia and industry. Over $600,000 from corporate sponsorships have been awarded to endow graduate fellowships for medical device research.

Daniel Escobar-Naranjo 2016-2017
Nathan Hagstrom 2016-2017
Aduramo Lasode 2016-2017
Rebecca Smith 2016-2017
Steven Thomalla 2015-2018
Megan Waytashek 2015-2016
Richard Oliphant 2013-2015
Darrin Beekman 2012-2017
Garrett Nelson 2012-2014
Courtney Podritz 2012-2013
Cory Schaffhausen 2011-2013
Gregory Peterson 2011-2012
Dominic Triana 2011-2012
Oscar Miranda Dominguez 2009-2010
Nathan Handel 2006
Eric Jerke 2006
Nathan Knutson 2006

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