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2018 Call for Papers with Journal Publication


The 2018 DMD Conference seeks original two-page papers that demonstrate new technologies and applications in the field of medical device design. Submissions from academic and industry researchers, clinicians and practitioners are encouraged. The paper should present an unbiased description of an experiment, product or business method related to medical devices. Repeated references to branded products or trade names, or excessive use of corporate logos or trademarks in illustrations is discouraged.

Authors of accepted papers will be invited to present during one of the conference Scientific Poster Sessions. Authors of ten accepted papers describing medical device designs that have the potential for commercialization will be invited to present at the Three-in-Five Competition session in addition to their poster presentation. A few authors may be invited to present during an oral session of contributed papers in addition to their poster presentation.

All accepted papers will be published as a two-page technical brief in the September or the December issue of the ASME Journal of Medical Devices. Conference registration and participation in the conference poster session is required for publication of the paper. If you prefer not to have your paper published in the Journal of Medical Devices, please contact Jenny Holden via email by January 31, 2018. Please reference your paper # in the subject line.

Technical Tracks

The conference will accept submissions for the following updated technical tracks:

TRK 1: Cardiovascular TRK 7: MEMS and Nano
TRK 2: Neuroengineering TRK 8: Surgical Tools
TRK 3: Orthopedics TRK 9: Computer Modeling and Simulation
TRK 4: Urologic TRK 10: Human Factors
TRK 5: Rehabilitation TRK 11: Special Devices
TRK 6: Tissue Engineering TRK 12: Informatics

2018 Preliminary Publication Schedule

August 1, 2017 - ASME Paper Submission Tool is currently Closed
November 1, 2017 - 2-page Draft Paper Due (Required Word Template)
January 1, 2018 - Reviews will be completed and the Lead/Contact authors will be notified of acceptance & revisions if needed

January 31, 2018 - Final 2-page Technical Briefs Due (via the ASME Webtool)
Final papers will need to be submitted even if no changes have been made to the paper.

January 31, 2018 - ASME "Copyright Form" Form Due
*CHANGE* All authors of the paper are required to sign this form. Alternately a designated author must have permission in writing to sign on behalf of co-authors, and the permissions must be available to ASME Journal of Medical Devices upon request.

Click here for Frequently Asked Submission Questions

Author Instructions

Papers follow the form of an ASME Technical Brief and are a maximum of two pages. The required sections for the paper are Background, Methods, Results, Interpretation.

Download the author resources for writing in ASME style (web link) and the required Technical Brief Template (Word). Look to any ASME journal for guidance on figure format. Incorporate figures and captions into the body so that it looks like a finished journal article, rather than putting figures and captions on separate pages after the text. Text throughout the article cannot contain color words as readers of print will only see black and white figures. Please double check your references to include all paper authors and note that "et. al." is not permitted in the reference list.

To submit the paper, in the web based ASME DMD Conference Toolbox, login or create an account (Author Center >Papers >Submit Paper).

Firefox is not supported by the ASME Webtool. Please use a different browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari ...)

Upload the PDF version of your paper and select a track. You will receive a confirmation by email that includes your paper number. Please use your paper number in all communication with conference organizers. Follow the same procedure to upload your final paper after incorporating the suggestions from the reviewers.

Download the ASME "Copyright Form" Form, complete (with all authors signatures) and submit your form via the ASME Webtool.

2017 Contributed Papers Committee Members

Contributed Papers Co-Chair: Matthew Johnson, University of Minnesota
& Carl Nelson, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

1. Cardiovascular Track   7. MEMS and Nano Track
Michael Eggen, Medtronic Xu Zhang, Ohio State University
Dennis Trumble, Carnegie Mellon University  
Youngjae Chun, University of Pittsburgh 8. Surgical Tools Track
  Jason Moore, Penn State University
2. Neuroengineering Track Benjamin Terry, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Jose Luis Lujan, Mayo Clinic Bardia Konh, University of Hawaii
3. Orthopedics Track 9. Computer Modeling and Simulation Track
Gabrielle Tuijthof, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences Linxia Gu, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
4. Urologic Track 10. Design and Human Factors Track
W. Jong Yoon, University of Washington Qian Wang, Ohio State University
5. Rehabilitation Track 11. Special Devices Track
Andrew Hansen, VA Medical Center Kathleen Sienko, University of Michigan
Venky Dubey, Bournemouth University, UK Goldie Nejat, University of Toronto, Canada
John Ferguson, VA Medical Center Xiaoli Zhang, Colorado School of Mines
  Edsko Hekman, University of Twente
6. Tissue Engineering Shai Ashkenazi, University of Minnesota
Michael McAlpine, University of Minnesota  
12. Informatics Track
Neil Vaughan, Bournemouth University

FAQ for Reviewers

For questions about submissions:

Matthew Johnson, Contributed Papers Co-Chair
University of Minnesota

Carl Nelson, Contributed Papers Co-Chair
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Trisha Huntosh, Conference Coordinator
University of Minnesota
612-626-5642 |


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