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Call for Papers
Author Frequently Asked Questions

Paper Formatting:

Use the sample paper template provided. Please be aware of the following formatting requirements for final paper submission:

  • Papers should be 2-4 pages, including references
  • Check your references including all paper authors
  • Affiliation should have City and State
  • All acronyms should be fully spelled out
  • References should be complete and without abbreviation
    "et. al." is not permitted in the reference list


UPDATED Technical Tracks

TRK 1: Cardiovascular Devices
TRK 2: Neuroengineering Devices
TRK 3: Orthopedics & Rehabilitation Devices
TRK 4: Devices using principles of MEMS and Nano fabrication methods
TRK 5: Devices based on advanced sensors
TRK 6: Tools and equipment used in surgical procedures, including robot assisted surgery
TRK 7: Computer Modeling and Simulation: Highlighting verification and validation of computer models of medical devices, regulatory applications of computer models, and model based system engineering for medical devices
TRK 8: Human Factors considerations for a medical device
TRK 9: Wearable Devices
TRK 10: Catch all topic if your paper does not fit into any of the other tracks


Submission Process:

Start by logging in or creating an account on the ASME DMD Conference Toolbox.

Abstracts: You do not need to submit an abstract. Simple place "NA" in the box to move forward with your submission.

How do I submit my draft paper? (Draft Papers Due November 1, 2018)

  1. Click Submit Draft Paper from the Options box on the Status page.
  2. Click Submit Draft Paper to continue to the Draft Paper Submittal page.
  3. Upload your paper.
  4. Click Submit Draft Paper to complete your submission.

After the peer review is complete, how to submit my final paper? (Final Papers Due January 31, 2019)

  1. Click Submit Final Paper from the Options box on the Status page.
  2. Click Submit Final Paper to continue to the Final Paper Submittal page.
  3. Upload your paper.
  4. Click Submit Final Paper to complete your submission.
    *You will need to re-submit your paper, even if no changes are recommended on your draft paper

The ASME conference email box is



Draft Papers

  • Submitting a Draft Paper
  • Updating a Draft Paper
  • Results and Acceptance Notification
  • Required Draft Revisions

Final Papers

  • Submitting a Final Paper
  • Updating a Final Paper
  • Submit Permission to Publish Form (aka: Copyright Form)

Additional Authors

  • Adding Additional Authors
  • Assigning Roles and Order
  • Managing Additional Authors

Paper Management

  • Moving a Paper

  • Withdrawing a Paper

  • Re-instating a Paper

  • Updating a Paper Type

Update a submitted paper
(draft or final)

Account Management

  • Creating an Account

  • About Your Account

  • Updating Your Account

  • Changing a Contact Author



If you have submitted a paper and it has been accepted for presentation at the scientific poster session for presentation, you will register as a 005. Contributed Papers (or 006. Student). This includes:

  • Students (Student Rate same for papers and regular)

  • Advances in Medical Devices Presenters

  • Student Design Showcase Presenters




If your question was not answered, please contact Trisha Huntosh (

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