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Call for Papers - Track Chairs & Reviewers Frequently Asked Questions

TRACK CHAIR: To access these features, please login as a Track Chair.

Q. How do I assign reviewers to an abstract?? 
A. The "Paper Detail" dialog box will appear.  Click on the 'Reviewers' tab and add reviewers. Once all abstract reviews have been received, please forward your recommendations for honors, minor revision, major revision, or reject to the Contributed Papers Chairs.  The Contributed Papers Chairs will go formally accept or reject abstracts within the conference webtool.

Track Chair Registration:
In appreciation of your time and efforts, you will receive a discount to the 2018 DMD Conference. Please contact DMD Staff for details.


REVIEWERS: To access a review form, you must login as a reviewer on the conference site.

Q. How do I review a paper?
A. Click on "Peer Review" from the toolbar at the top of the page. Choose a paper number from the section "Papers Awaiting Review". An electronic version of the ASME review form will open. At the top of the page, choose the link "View Draft Paper". A new window will open containing the paper to be reviewed (in PDF format). If you prefer to save the paper and review it later, please choose "Save Draft Paper". This will enable you to the save the paper on your computer. 

Fill out the form and include comments in all fields. Click 'Preview' to confirm your comments. You have the option to revise here or submit your review if you're satisfied. You cannot revise a review once it has been submitted. More resources:


If your question was not answered, please contact DMD Staff (

or ASME staff with toolbox questions (


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