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2014 International Student Design Showcase

Tuesday, April 8, 5:30-7:30
Heritage Gallery, McNamara Alumni Center

The purpose of the Student Design Showcase is to promote and publicize excellence in medical device design by teams of undergraduate and graduate students conducted as part of their course work.



"BiliQuant: A Spectrophotometric Jaundice Diagnostic for the Developing World"
Stephanie Tzouanas, Melody Tan, Jacinta Leyden, Monica Barrera, Roham Shah, Meaghan Bond, Eric Richardson, Maria Oden, and Rebecca Richards-Kortum, Beyond Traditional Borders, Department of Bioengineering, Rice University

2014 Showcase GP


"DeXcellence: A Quantitative Evaluation Tool for Pediatric Patients with Cerebral Palsy"
Allison Garza, Andrew Schober, Shaurya Agarwal, Sonia Garcia, and Vivas Kumar, George R. Brown School of Engineering, Rice University

2014 Showcase 2nd


"Shape Deposition Manufacturing of a Deployable Atraumatic Grasper for Minimally-Invasive Surgery"
Joshua Gafford, Ye Ding, Andrew Harris, Terrence McKenna, Panos Polygerinos, and Donal Holland, Harvard University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences; A.J. Moser, Department of Surgery, Beth Israel Deconess Medical Center; Conor Walsh, Harvard University of Engineering and Applied Sciences

2014 Showcase 3rd


Panel Judges:

Kevin Anderson, University of Minnesota

Ben Arcand, University of Minnesota

Dana Boyle, Consultant

Jim Fairman, QFO Labs

Danny Gelfman, Medtronic

Jenna Iaizzo, University of Minnesota

Alec Johnson, St. Thomas University

Scott Mark, Medtronic, Inc.

Laura Paulsen, University of Minnesota

Russ Straate, University of Minnesota

Jack Stubbs, University of Minnesota

Alena Talkachova, University of Minnesota

David Wood, University of Minnesota

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