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2021 DMD Conference Information Coming Soon!

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Student Design Showcase and the Emerging Medical Innovation Valuation Competition


2020 Virtual DMD Highlights
  • Three-in-Five Competition
    Three-in-Five Competition

    Watch the Zoom Webinar Recording
    The top 10 papers have been invited to compete in this event. They will submit a video presentation, judges will review those videos and than we wil host a Zoom Q&A.
  • Emerging Medical Innovation Valuation Competition
    Emerging Medical Innovation

    Valuation Competition

    Watch the Zoom Webinar Recording
    This competition is a way for researchers and inventors to get immediate feedback about their projects from leaders in medical technology research, engineering & development. The top three presenters will be awarded a full valuation from the UMN's Medical Industry Valuation Laboratory, (regular fee for this service is $15,000).
  • <br>19 Years Strong
    19 Years Strong
    We are Going Virtual. Over the coming months we will have videos to watch and live events for you to participate in.
  • COVID-19 Innovations at the UMN
    COVID-19 Innovations at the UMN
    Watch the Zoom Webinar Recording
    Those at the UMN have stepped up across the board to help provide PPE, ventilators and more to help medical professionals and the world in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. Learn about what the UMN has been up to.
  • Rapid Fire Presentations
    Rapid Fire Presentations
    Authors of accepted 2020 Call for Papers have submitted pre-recorded presentations and they will be available beginning May 5, 2020 through July 31, 2020.

    Check out some amazing medical device innovation from academic and industry researchers, clinicians and practitioners from around the world.
  • Clinical Cases
    Clinical Cases
    Clinicians from the University of Minnesota will be taping presentations on an interesting surgical case.

    These clinicians will be giving you a sneak peek into what it looks like from their prospetive and the devices they use to save lives!
  • Cybersecurity

    Hacking the Future of Healthcare

    Watch the Zoom Webinar Recording
    The healthcare ecosystem is undergoing multiple concurrent and interdependent revolutions, with the potential to save and improve billions of lives. New technologies give rise to new failure modes, accidents, and adversaries, that cannot be perfectly anticipated or prevented. Click the picture above to learn more. Sesion video is available on the session page.
  • Clinical Cases
    Wearable Medical Technology

    June 23, 2020

    This session covers the academic and entrepreneurial aspect of Wearable Medical Devices as represented by top academic institutions as well as the CEO of an early revenue company commercializing wearable technology invented in academia. Presenters will share projects they are currently working on and the impact they expect to have on healthcare.
  • Clinical Cases
    Dental Devices

    SAVE THE DATE: June 30, 2020

    Covered in this session are dental devices that include diagnostic tools for dental caries, prostheses for maxillofacial defects and a novel device for root canal cleaning. The challenges involved in the design, manufacture and application of these devices will be discussed. All the presenters are key-opinion leaders in dentistry. Click the picture above to learn more.
  • Clinical Cases

    Biosensors are analytical medical devices used for the detection of a chemical substance, that combines a biological component with a physicochemical detector. Biosensors usually convert a biological response into an electrical signal. This session will have three invited talks on different biosensors for medical applications. (Image from FierceElectronics Article by Matt Hamblen on May 18, 2020)



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