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April 13-16, 2015

The Commons Hotel & McNamara Alumni Center

Minneapolis, MN




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International Student Design Showcase (Deadline Feb. 1, 2015)

2014 DMD Conference Highlights:

  • Joshua Gafford, Harvard University
    3-in-5 Competition Winner

    "Monolithic Fabrication of Millimeter-Scale Surgical Devices with Integrated Sensing"
    Joshua Gafford, Samuel Kesner, Robert Wood, and Conor Walsh, Harvard University, Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering
  • Carl Nelson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    3-in-5 Competition Winner

    "Mobility-Enhancing Fall-Prevention Device for Physical Rehabilitation"
    Carl Nelson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Judith Burnfield, Institute for Rehabilitation Science and Engineering, Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital; Linxia Gu, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Paxton Maeder-York, Harvard
    3-in-5 Competition Winner

    "Biologically Inspired Soft Robot for Thumb Rehabilitation" Paxton Maeder-York, Tyler Clites, Emily Boggs, and Ryan Neff, Harvard; Panagiotis Polygerinos, Leia Stirling and Kevin Galloway, Wyss Institute, Harvard; Catherine Wee, Spaulding Hospital for Continuing Medical Care; Conor Walsh, Harvard, Wyss Institute (pictured: Alperen Degirmenci, Harvard)
  • "Shape Deposition Manufacturing of a Deployable Atraumatic Grasper for Minimally-Invasive Surgery"
    3RD PLACE International Student Design Showcase Winner

    Joshua Gafford, Ye Ding, Andrew Harris, Terrence McKenna, Panos Polygerinos, and Donal Holland, Harvard University; A.J. Moser, Beth Israel Deconess Medical Center; Conor Walsh, Harvard University
  • "DeXcellence: A Quantitative Evaluation Tool for Pediatric Patients with Cerebral Palsy"
    2ND PLACE International Student Design Showcase Winner

    Allison Garza, Andrew Schober, Shaurya Agarwal, Sonia Garcia, and Vivas Kumar, George R. Brown School of Engineering, Rice University
  • "BiliQuant: A Spectrophotometric Jaundice Diagnostic for the Developing World"
    GRAND PRIZE International Student Design Showcase Winner

    Stephanie Tzouanas, Melody Tan, Jacinta Leyden, Monica Barrera, Roham Shah, Meaghan Bond, Eric Richardson, Maria Oden, and Rebecca Richards-Kortum, Beyond Traditional Borders, Department of Bioengineering, Rice University
  • William Wustenberg, Biospheres, Inc.
    3RD PLACE Emerging Medical Innovation Valuation Competition Winner

    "Reduction of Medical Implant Infections"
  • Robert Brooks, Center for Image Guided Innovation and Therapeutic Intervention (CIGITI), Hospital for Sick Children
    2ND PLACE Emerging Medical Innovation Valuation Competition Winner

    "Notes Closure of Esopogeal Punctures and Fistulas using Suction Countertraction and Nitinol Clips"
  • Joshua Gafford, Harvard Biodesign Lab, Harvard University
    GRAND PRIZE Emerging Medical Innovation Valuation Competition Winner

    "Smart Micro-Instruments for Advanced Intraluminal Interventions"
  • 2014 Live Surgery
    Dr. Rafael Andrade, Chief, Section of Thoracic and Foregut Surgery, performed a Lung Biopsy at the University of Minnesota Medical School-Fairview Hospital and was transmitted to the conference via live video feed.
  • Plenary Keynote Presentation

    "How Big Data and Cognitive Computing will Transform Healthcare"
    Martin S. Kohn, MS, MD, FACEP, FACPE, Chief Medical Scientist at Jointly Health, former Chief Medical Scientist, Care Delivery Systems, IBM Research
  • Cardio Keynote Presentation

    "Clinical Implementation and Research of Normothermic Organ Preservation in Thoracic Organ Transplantation"
    Gabriel Loor, Cardiothoracic Surgery, University of Minnesota

    "Cardiac Electrophysiology: A Historical Perspective" Boaz Avitall, Division of Cardiology, University of Illinois Chicago
  • Medical Innovation Poster Sessions
    Over 125 posters presented during the 2014 Conference

    Click here to view Scientific Poster Session Participants
    Click here to view Int'l Student Design Showcase Participants
  • 2014 Lunch Keynote Presentations:
    · Tuesday Chaim Lotan, Heart Institute, Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center and Israel Heart Society

    · Wednesday Just Herder, Delft University of Technology 2014 Design of Medical Devices Conference Awardee

    · Thursday Ellen R. Strahlman, Sr VP, R&D, Chief Medical Officer, BD Woman in Med Tech Awardee
  • "Regulatory Science" Symposium
    Regulatory Science is the science of developing new tools, standards, and approaches to assess the safety, efficacy, quality, and performance of all FDA-regulated products. The speakers in this symposium, representing different stake-holders, highlighted opportunities to advance regulatory science for medical devices.

    April 10, 2014, The Commons Hotel
  • "Becoming a Medical Technology Innovator" Workshop - Select Presentations Available for 2014 Attendees

    Barry Kudowitz, University of Minnesota's College of Design presenting to nearly 100 attendees on the "Essentials of Creativity"

    April 7, 2014, Coffman Memorial Union
  • 5.10(k) Road Race and Fun Run
    Thank you to the 199 participants, the countless volunteers and 9+ sponsors/donors of the 2014 University of Minnesota's Design of Medical Devices Conference 5.10(k) Race!

    Click here to see Race Results from April 7, 2015
  • A Heart to Learn Exhibit presented by Visible Heart Laboratory and the Department of Surgery, University of Minnesota

    Megan Schmidt teaching Goldy Gopher about plastinated specimens at A Heart to Learn display.
    April 8-10, 2015, The Commons Hotel

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The world's largest premiere medical devices conference consists of four-days of workshops, symposiums, scientific poster sessions and technical/scientific sessions, with topics such as:

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